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Think this angered the vore degenerates.

It's been so long since we had something like this that I find it really fucking funny. This is the shit I strive for. Wish Newgrounds community wasn't neutered by story time animators and Overwatch parodies so that anything remotely edgy, random, or weird gets lowly rating. Either autistic anime faggots or literal children.

I'm just kinda "eh" about this one. I'm guessing it's suppose to be serious and heartwarming but at the same time the whole thing is just a joke? Like I don't understand the joke of the character saying "Pretty fucked up" unless it being unexpected is the punchline? The pacing is pretty bad, voice acting delivery is pretty mediocre with one of them sound like they're using a webcam microphone, and the art seems pretty inconsistent. Like having a black gradient over the face like it's an anime is pretty out of place for this style and the animation can be all over the place. I'm guessing this is just something fun to make with friends so I don't entirely hate it. Just compared to other Ukinojoe's stuff I'd give this a miss.

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Pretty sick game. I would say put a lot more work into it and give it more visuals and what not.

Had a blast with this. Was using my Yiynova tablet to play this which was even better. Though it could do without the prepubescent "ouch!" on every death. Also wish this wasn't a demo.

Pretty much "figure out how the controls work" the game. The speed of the game is incredibly fast that I can't even tell what I'm doing wrong. The dash doesn't seem to work most of the type when wall jumping or in midair while doing a combo of arrow key and 'X' before instantly falling into a spike within a millisecond. The controls are displayed very simple in the description but it's more complicating than that. I think you have to press the arrow key then 'x' or the other away around and it doesn't seem to work while jumping down off the wall. Don't get me wrong I love games with high difficulty like Super Meat Boy but what made that game so great was the fact that you can easily understand the controls. But this game was pretty much a chore that I just couldn't enjoy it and gave up after 10 or so levels from the lack of variation in level design. Otherwise being your first game it's pretty decent but far from being polished. Hope you get better in the future.

Benasaurous responds:

Thanks for the feedback! There is no surprise that if you model your game after a great game, it probably won't be as good as the game you model it after. Especially if its your first game. That is completely my fault though.

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Very gay, Sonic all the way!

I want to flip them over and GODDAMN

kayland responds:

like a pancake!

I want to flip those titties around flipping them as they go flip floopp bibbity bop ahah YEAH BABY fuck

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